Michael Swearingen


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Lead Vocals
Harmony Vocals



Michael Swearingen has been in the Jacksonville music scene for a good long while. While being a pocket drummer, he can climb out from behind the kit and become a very entertaining front-man. Mostly, he's just a big goof. Dedicated to excellence, committed to music and BORN TO PARTY. 

Ever the "natty" dresser, Michael has a commanding presence that is hard to ignore - no matter how hard you try. His wit and wisdom are best kept away from audiences, hence the need to keep him sequestered behind the drum set. 

A true rocker, his rhythmic styling combines the best of "Van Halen" with a generous dose of "the Go-Go's". His gymnastic power-endings invoke the 1812 Overture, Beethoven's 9th symphony and the Gilligan's Island theme song.